Welcome to Filtered Media. We are a Digital Media company that was created by a group of young individuals in an initiative to provide fact-based reporting from an unbiased perspective on topics surrounding a variety of sectors from Politics and S.T.E.M. to Philosophy and Finance. Our work is delivered in Newsletters, while we have upcoming plans for a variety of different Podcasts.

Each of our writers is driven by a set of individual goals we are constantly pursuing in an effort to bring change and innovation to the world around us. Over the previous years, we have been continuously educating ourselves in pursuit of reaching these goals, and in turn, we educate the ones around us. Primarily, we were born into Generation Z. According to Strauss-Howe Generational Theory, Generation Z is known as the “Hero Generation”; An aggregate of people born in the midst of a Crisis period that occurs every eighty to one-hundred years. The theory states that the Hero Generation is the generation that pulls a civilization out of its crisis. We are that generation, and this is our sole mission. Our Informational Initiative falls under the massive project of TRSTN, L.L.C.; the combined effort of a multitude of Industries & Sectors coming together for the purpose of restructuring the concept of Civilization using the technology of tomorrow in a push to mend the problems of yesterday. The result is that of a domino; All will follow once one succeeds.

The Filtered Media represents a filter of unsupported claims to the claims that do have support. There is no proper way to define Truth from Fiction; One person’s Truth is always another person’s Falsehood. For this reason alone, the idea of providing information that only supports a single-sided ideology is destructive in itself. We strive to provide information on a factual basis without making any forms of opinionated claims based on the writer’s supported ideologies. We are striving to make it so with every article you read, you can never assume the position of our writers. We want to be able to show you evidence of two different perspectives, and let you make the decisions for yourself based on the information we’re able to provide. If there are ever any unverifiable claims, we will always include a note stating that it has yet to be verified. Some sources must stay Anonymous for very specific legal reasons, however, our efforts are focused on bringing sources that can in fact be verified from multiple perspectives.

Our plans as a Media company lie far beyond Substack. To put it simply, Substack is the foundation of our Startup. As we grow and are able to bring in more subscribers, we have immediate plans to expand into a more permanent environment with control over our own servers. While we do offer a Free Newsletter that includes a summary of some of the most important stories over the last week, our focus is on our Individual Newsletters which put aim on specific niche topics from writers who embed themselves in that specific field. These letters are far more in-depth and are released multiple times throughout the week. Our Paid Newsletter will give us the ability to secure a consistent source of funding to improve our operation exponentially. One of the first things we plan on implementing is a team of fact-checkers that can independently verify any and all claims before the publication of an article, which would be completely separated from our team of writers. As mentioned earlier, Podcasts are in the plan as well as the implementation of new writers. We will post consistent updates on how we are expanding as a company through our Free Newsletter, so sign up below to stay up to date!


Filtered Media welcomes contributions from outside writers and experts. If you have an idea for a piece, please send us an email summarizing the topic and some specific angles you would like to cover. We will try and get back to you when possible, thank you for the support!

Contact Us: Support@TRSTNLLC.com